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More often than not, entrepreneurs think that the path to success has to involve working endless hours, and burning out. They take pride in their ability to work 7 days a week, and succumb to ‘hustle culture’ even when it’s to their own detriment.  In this episode, I’m sharing all the reasons why taking a […]

Today I’m going to be sharing the one part of your business that needs to start and stay personal, and that is your why. I believe that when we ground down and connect to the purpose of our mission, we can create and sustain a truly successful business. But how do you identify that?  In […]

Today I’m having an incredible conversation with a very special guest: Minaa B.  Minaa B., is a writer, wellness coach, therapist and mental health educator. With over eight years of clinical experience and a passion for both mental health and social justice, through writing, speaking, workshops and coaching, Minaa teaches people how to cultivate self-care […]

Maliquea Starnes shares insights on ways business owners can identify where their stress and overwhelm comes from In this episode we discuss stress and overwhelm in running your business. Too many times we are led to believe that if we are not stressed, overwhelmed, saying “yes” to every opportunity, and just overall pushing ourselves to […]

Maliquea Starnes, Business Strategist and Coach shares insight on implementing systems for a more intentional business. In this episode we discuss three major tools to better help you grow your business with intention as an entrepreneur. Sometimes we take on too much and start to second guess our worth. Simply knowing what is working for […]

A conversation with Liz Orr and Maliquea Starnes We could all use a little more “self-love” and today’s episode is all about loving yourself more. But you can’t have self-love without a little tough love in the mix! Today’s guest Liz Orr, is going to bring a fresh energy to approaching self love through the […]