Letter M. 

The Newsletter 

Letter M. is a weekly-ish newsletter and collection of my most personal musings as I experiment with self-care, travel, wellness, joy, rest, ease, healing & freedom after 7-ish years of hustle, grind & burn out in entrepreneurship.

When you sign up for Letter M. you’re not just adding another email to your Inbox – you’re accepting an invitation into a transparent and candid space that offers up fresh perspectives from someone who’s been there and done that a hundred different ways. 

Letter M. readers get an exclusive and intimate look at: 

  • My unfiltered trial and error process in Life and Business
  • Vulnerable and candid conversations about the ways I’m learning to take better care of myself and others
  • Anti-highlight reel look at what really happens behind the scenes of Entrepreneurship

A Note from Maliquea   

“I started Letter M. because I needed a safe space to create freely, openly, and honestly without the limitations of what everyone says I “should” be sharing with my audience if I wanted to be successful. Through Letter M. I hope to create a community that's free of should’s and invites you to simply take what you need, wherever you are on your own personal journey. I hope to provide you with practical, real life, relatable wisdom that you can apply in your everyday life for those quick wins and a renewed sense of hope for the days it feels hard. I hope to help you invite in more ease and freedom, because you deserve it!”

Love, M. 

You deserve safer spaces online where you feel seen and heard and know that you are not alone. 

There are enough places online encouraging us to do MORE and showering you with frameworks on how to speed up, rather than slowing down and taking stock of what really matters so you can define success on our own terms. I am proud to be creating one of those spaces through Letter M. and the content I’m creating there. 

Because in the world we live in today, I’ve always found that the pressure to hop on the bullet train to $10K months and crazy money goals without thinking about WHY we want those things — and what we’re sacrificing along the way — is often what leads to success on the outside, and feeling lost on the inside.

Within this space I want to share what’s worked, what hasn’t and how we can do better together - in hopes that I can help YOU shake off the heaviness that comes with growth and find the joy that fueled you from the beginning — so that *every* day in your life and business can feel like aligning with your purpose.

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