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As the Beis Weekender Bag began popping up in my Instagram scrolls, I was instantly smitten—it was calling my name! They became a TikTok favorite overnight growing a cult-like following that I had to try out. As a semi-frequent traveler who values style as much as practicality and comfort, Beis’s approach was a breath of […]

HydroJug vs. Stanley

I giggled when I wrote down this blog post topic. Water bottles? Seems like a minor purchase, and it can be, but wow for something I use all-day everyday, I want to love it! Today on the blog, we are chatting all things Stanley cup vs. The Hydrojug! Lets’ dive into this review and let […]

Can I say how much I love how jewelry stacks are back? I was there for the bubble necklace days and the era of rose gold – but right now I’m in healthy high-quality jewelry era. I’m mixing metals and even throwing in a wearable in the form of my Oura ring! I’ve been wearing […]

Let’s talk about sleep (or the infuriating lack thereof). I’ve been on a relentless quest for the perfect night time routine and let me tell you, the journey has been… rocky. Melatonin? Tried it. Meditation before sleep? Done that. Cutting caffeine? Yep. But nothing quite hit the mark until I stumbled upon magnesium glycinate (the […]