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A break doesn’t have to be a three-day vacay to your favorite spot – it can be something as simple as staying cozy at home. One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that business owners undervalue and underestimate the power of taking a break at home. That’s why I’m sharing the complete […]

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Do you take a break or go on vacation? Do you read a good book or focus on your self-care? Do you like to light a candle, pull out your journal, and read through quotes for overwhelmed female entrepreneurs like these? Or maybe you try and push […]

I hate to say it – but you need a break from your business. And not a little break to the local coffee shop for your fave drink, but a real, minimum of 48-hour break. No, this doesn’t make you a bad business owner – in fact, it’ll make you the best business owner. Here’s […]

New Years Resolutions for Female Entrepreneurs from a Six-Figure Business Owner | Maliquea Starnes

Personal or professional, one thing pops into our minds in December… your New Year resolutions. And, while I’m not exactly sure where resolutions came from, I can’t say I’m against the idea – but I think there’s a better way to go about it than setting goals to hit $10k next month or posting every […]

Maliquea Starnes Certified Life and Success Coach YES Supply Method

One of the number one questions I’m asked about becoming a Life Coach is “What’s the best coaching certification program?” When I found the YES SUPPLY Method I new I found something special that would take my coaching career to the next level. In this review of The YES SUPPLY Method, I will be sharing […]

Wearing hats is super trendy right now! They hide your bad hair days and can be a super easy way to dress up your most basic outfit — but today we’re talking about a different type of “hats”. Today we’re talking about all those hats you keep wearing in your business and how your inability […]